A fairy tale about solving security problems

Sept. 30, 2016, 10:09 p.m.

I had the pleasure of giving talks at two great BSD conferences - BSDCan and AsiaBSDcon. The first one was held in June at the University of Ottawa, Canada and the second one was in March at the Tokyo University of Science, Japan. As you can guess the presentation was about Capsicum and Casper, long story short a presentation which compares different sandbox techniques, from well known ones like seccomp, to the new models like pledge(2) and Capsicum. My presentation also described very deeply the internals of the new approach in Casper. Previously Casper was presented as the global daemon in the operating system, now it has been converted to the library. If you are interested about the benefits and drawbacks of those two approaches you should enjoy these presentations.

In my opinion the presentation from BSDCan was slidly/slightly better than the one from Asia, maybe I was just less stressed. :)

You can find the video from the presentation here and if you are interested in the slides you can find them here.
You maybe also interested in my paper for AsiaBSDcon its... here.