MeetBSD and SecurityBsides

Sept. 11, 2018, 9:45 p.m.

In October there will be two very interesting conferences at which I'm honored to give a talk.




The first one, MeetBSD, will take place in California between 19th and 20th. The conference is focused on BSD systems. The list of talks is not published at the time of writing but if you visit the page of the conference you can find a list of the speakers. I have never been to MeetBSD but seeing the list of the speakers I think it will be very interesting. The MeetBSD conference was started in Poland around 2004 and took place in Warsaw and Cracow. Around 2008 it was moved to California. At the time when MeetBSD was in Poland, I didn't know what BSD was so I'm very excited to participate this year in the event which started in Poland. I will give a talk about one of the sandbox techniques in FreeBSD.



Another conference in October is SecurityBsides which will be held in Warsaw, Poland. This is the fifth time I will attend the conference and give a talk. The conference is focused on security relevant topics. This year there is a new organizing committee, so we can expect a few changes. For example, this time it's not at "PaƄstwo Miasto" pub, so if you plan to visit the conference please check the venue on the conference website. The list of the talks also isn't fully published yet, but the speaker's list is. If you are familiar with the Polish security community, then from the listed speakers you can get the idea that the conference attracts those of the highest caliber. At this conference, I will be talking about reproducible builds and why this is so important from a security perspective.


If you are an administrator, a BSD user, or developer, you can't miss the MeetBSD conference, and if you are in Warsaw in October please join as at SecurityBSides. I really recommend both conferences – so I hope to see you there!