Hello in the new year! It's publishing Time!

Jan. 6, 2012, 1:29 p.m.

I haven't forgotten about this place, but also I didn't think that writing technical post would be so hard in English. I hope I get some practice and will become much better. Today is the perfect day to write a new blog post. I'm writing this post around 7.00 when everybody is still sleeping after the new year's party (I must add comments to code take screen shots so I may publish this post after a while). Today it won't be a technical post. So don't be afraid :p. Today I want to release my new and first game for android. The game is called "where is memo?", and is a simple game where you must remember where is which color. I didn't have time and motivation to finish this game so I release this game as is. In the future it can show version beta with a menu and high-score list (this version I think should be named “alpha”). I also publish the source code (this time on github) so you can see how it works maybe repair something. Any feedback will be nice to get. Also you can see the techniques that I descried in the previous post. You can't find this game on android market (I don't have an account there) so if you want to install it you must use the android SDK, applications like dropbox(copy *.apk to the phone and open in dropbox) or by opening in your phone browser (thx Unavowed for that last one). Before installing check if you have selected "Unkown sources" in yours phone properties. So feel free to comment.

Project page: http://oshogbo.vexillium.org/show/11/
CODE: https://github.com/oshogbo/Memo
APK: http://oshogbo.vexillium.org/projects/memo.apk